Request permission to sign-on as a visiting patroller

On which date would you like to come out?

(You will need to file a seperate request for each day you would like to visit.)

I authorize the Trollhaugen Ski Patrol to validate my credentials and good standing with my patrol director.

I understand my request is only valid for the day requested and I need so submit a one request for each day I would like to ski at Trollhaugen.

I understand approval would give me a comp pass, and that during my time at Trollhaugen I would assist
the Trollhaugen patrollers as directed.

I understand any guests would have to purchase a regular pass, and that I must wear a valid lift ticket on my
jacket while on duty.

I understand that a response to my request will be emailed to the address I've provided, and that I
do not have approval until I have received that approval email.

I understand that incorrect information on this form may result in extended delays in approval.

I understand that the approval process generally takes a few days to complete, and that last-minute requests
generally cannot be accommodated.

I understand that I am not to contact the Trollhaugen ticket office about obtaining a complimentary pass, and that I need to work through
the Trollhaugen Ski Patrol PR on this request.