OEC - Core competencies


Core competencies for all Candidates to acquire and demonstrate

The trainee must demonstrate the following knowledge and abilities as they pertain to Outdoor First Care. 

v Describe body substance isolation (BSI) precautions and demonstrate personal protection procedures to minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens while providing first care. 

v Control an incident scene, call for appropriate help (trained emergency care responder or team), and be able to assist any emergency care responders who arrive on the scene. 

v Recognize the mechanisms of injury (MOI). 

v Perform a brief assessment. 

v Perform basic life support (BLS), rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as necessary. 

v Demonstrate taking the radial and carotid pulse: List vital signs and diagnostic signs; and document changes in these signs. 

v Control external bleeding. 

v Recognize and provide first care for shock. 

v Explain the principles of bandaging and splinting. 

v Recognize and provide first care for common medical problems. 

v Recognize and provide first care for environmental problems.





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