Expectations of a patroller

Expectations of a patroller at Trollhaugen

 The patrollers at Trollhaugen are volunteers who provide first responder care as appropriate to injured patrons of the Trollhaugen Ski Resort.

We are trained according to the current level of care as prescribed by the National Ski Patrol (NSP) and maintain current memberships with the NSP.

 We are all trained in the evacuation of skiers and boarders off of the hills and to a place of safety.

 We provide adequate coverage at the area during all open hours.


This translates into:

  • Maintaining currency with the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) materials and local protocols.
  • Attending an annual OEC refresher the first Saturday of October every year and demonstrating continued competent care provision.
  • Maintaining annual demonstration proficiency with CPR (approximately $15 per year certification cost).
  • Demonstrating continued competency each year in chairlift evacuation and in the ability to safely evacuate injured skiers and boarders from the hill.
  • Paying dues to the National, Division, Region and local patrols approximately $70 per year.
  • Sharing equally in the responsibility to cover the open hours on the hill, approximately 100 hours per season, which translates into about 10 day shifts, 4 weeknight evening shifts, and one evening shift each of a Friday (all-nighter), Saturday and Sunday.
  • Maintaining appropriate equipment in good working order.



Trollhaugen Ski Patrol, Dresser, WI

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