2021-22 Estimated costs for a new patroller


These are the ~estimated~ 2019 (NEED TO UPDATE!) costs associated with becoming a patroller at Trollhaugen Ski Area.  These estimates are subject to change as new information becomes known to us.


  • OEC Instruction Manual, 5th edition                    $77.00 (used Amazon price)
  • NSP Enrollment fee for OEC Course(only)            $60.00
  • Material and misc costs                                     $25.00   (e.g. photocopying, folders, shipping, etc.)  
  • ====================================
  • Total cost for taking the OEC course                 $162.00


(In addition, if you do not have a current CPR card, our cost is approximately $15.  The National Ski Patrol requires an annual CPR refresher from every patroller.)


Upon completion of the OEC test, the candidate can become a member of the National Ski Patrol.     At that time, a "NSP Registration fee for Patroller status"  in the amount of approximately $70.00 will be due. 


Upon completion of the On-the-Hill test, the candidate becomes an Alpine member of the National Ski Patrol.  There is no additional fee associated with this.


The Patroller is responsible for acquiring and maintaining the following:


Patroller jacket - red with white cross (Mountain Uniforms)  $  190 (approximately, for a new jacket)


Patroller fanny pack  -  black    approximately $25    to   $50


Black ski pants  -  your choice




The basic fanny pack contents of bandages, etc., are provided by the area.



Trollhaugen Ski Patrol, Dresser, WI

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