2021-22 OEC Syllabus (Subject to change!)


Lead:  Lynn

Instructor teams:
Team A: Joe, Chris, Rohan, Ann
Team B: Linda, Nathan, Sally, Lori
Team C: Arlu, Shelly, Donna

Team D: Kirk, Shem, Darin 





Lead Instructor(s)

Aug 18


 Introduction to Outdoor Emergency Care

Team A



 Emergency Care Systems

Team A



Patient Assessment

Team A

Aug 25 3 Rescue Basics Team B



 Incident Command and Triage

Team B



 Moving, Lifting and Transporting Patients

Team B

 Sep 1


 Anatomy and Physiology

Team C



 Medical Communications and Documentation

Team C

  12 Substance Abuse and Poisoning Team C
Sep 15 20 Musculoskeletal Injuries Team D
  21 Head and Spine Injuries Team D
Sep 22   NO CLASS - Instructor refresher All

 Sep 29


 Airway Management

Team A

  13 Respiratory Emergencies Team A
  14  Allergies and Anaphylaxis Team A

 Oct 6



Team B

  11 Altered Mental Status Team B



 Cardiovascular Emergencies

Team B

Oct 13   Mid-term practice exam All

 Oct 20


Soft-Tissue Injuries

Team C



 Face, Eye, and Neck Injuries

Team C

  23 Thoracic Trauma Team C



Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma

Team C

 Oct 27


 Cardiovascular Emergencies

Team D



 Cold-Related Emergencies

Team D



 Heat-Related Emergencies

Team D

 Nov 3


 Altitude-Related Emergencies

Team A

  30 Pediatric Emergencies Team A



 Geriatric Emergencies

Team A

 Nov 10


 Plant and Animal Emergencies

 Team B

   29  Water Emergencies  Team B
  32  Outdoor Adaptive Athletes Team B



Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response

Team B

 Nov 17


 Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Emergencies

Team C



 Principles of Trauma

Team C



 Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies

Team C

 Nov 24



Team B

 Dec 1


 Written and Practical  Test Out




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