FAQ - What is the National Ski Patrol?


The National Ski Patrol (NSP) was founded by Minnie Dole in 1938.  In the seventy years since it was founded, the NSP has become the major source of educational training programs for volunteers who provide emergency care in outdoor settings, especially at ski areas.


The NSP remains a centralized educational organization.  Ski patrols and resort areas may choose to adopt the curriculum offered by the  NSP, but the patrols and patrollers at each area operate as an independent service to their resort, and do not function at the direction of the National Office.


The NSP is governed by a board of directors, elected by its dues-paying members.  Geographic districts and regions further decentralize the administrative functions of the NSP, including the delivery of programs, quality assurance activities, and advocacy for safe skiing practices.


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Trollhaugen Ski Patrol, Dresser, WI

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