FAQ - How can I join?

 SPECIAL STATEMENT REGARDING COVID:  Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area REQUIRES all patrollers and patrol candidates to be vaccinated and to be able to provide evidence of vaccination, e.g. a COVID Passport.

Membership in a ski patrol is specific to its affiliated ski resort, and is not obtained directly from the National Ski Patrol.


The Trollhaugen Ski Patrol begins its candidate training sessions in mid-August and typically runs through the end of January. 


The first half of the program is devoted to training you to perform first-aid at the EMT-B level, using a specialized curriculum developed by the National Ski Patrol specifically for outdoor emergency care, or OEC.


The second half of the curriculum is devoted to training you to be proficient in the use of toboggans as the primary mechanism for extricating injured skiers and boarders off a ski hill.


To obtain further information and be placed on the list of candidates for the next year's class, click this link:


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