FAQ - Visiting patrollers

Current members of the National Ski Patrol are valued colleagues. 

As a professional courtesy, the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area on occasion will offer a complimentary ski pass to visiting patrollers.


The Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area REQUIRES proof of vaccination for all patrollers. 

You must present your COVID passport in order to patrol with us.

Generally this courtesy

  • requires prior approval and
  • is offered when we have extra-ordinary need, e.g. visiting school groups or race days,
  • or when we offer NSP training sessions. 

The area reserves the right to decline to offer a complimentary pass at its discretion, e.g. the area already has a full complement of patrollers for the day.

Please know that in order to sign on at Trollhaugen you must:

  • Be current with NSP, which means you have completed this year's OEC, CPR and hill refreshers and you haver paid your local and national
  • Be agree to patrol according to the protocols in place at Trollhaugen
  • Have prior permission from our patrol representative.
  • Provide contact information for your patrol representative (i.e. Name, valid email address, and a phone number)
  • Provide your six-digit NSP ID number, e.g. 123456
  • Present your COVID vaccination passport as proof of vaccination against COVID.

Our patrol representative will contact your patrol representative to verify that you meet the requirement of having completed the refreshers and paid your dues.

If you wish to inquire about signing on at Trollhaugen, please click this link.

Trollhaugen Ski Patrol, Dresser, WI

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